Digital Marks software package exclusively designed for automation marks entry and ranking process. Using this software, you can make fast data entry of marks by choosing entry options like exam wise or subject wise or student wise. You can maintain the data of student’s academic analysis throughout his / her academic tenure in the school and generate the reports like Progress Card/Analytical performance reports, Evaluate to Marks/Grades/top ranker/average comparisons.

You can separate ranking subjects and non ranking subject or you can choose required subjects while generating the report.


You can send examination marks as SMS and Progress Report as Email.
Examinations can be customised to suit the needs of the school.
You will be able to define the various exams held in your school and the marks and weightage to be carried into the final exams.

Given all this information, just we need to enter the details of marks obtained for each class as the exams are taken. The Digital Marks will take care of the rest and generate the detailed desired reports.