Digital Fee v 3.0 is the one of the most automated fee calculation module and it is designed for the flexible enough to accomodate the varying nature of fee payments that most of the institutions come across.The software automatically calculates the pending fees,deductions and concessions if any applicable to the selected student. In addition to the above, the user is also provided the option to allow payment of more than one month/fee-cycle fee and some of the highlights as follow.


Outstanding balances, collections and reminders, easily and painlessly.
User-defined payment schedules and collection modes Unlimited heads of fee.
Concession fee entry.
Part fee payment provision
Class/category/student-specific fee settings
User privileges for all options to avoid manipulations.
You can generate different types of reports like daily fee statement, consolidated fee stament, class wise dues, intimations slips, student paid details etc.

You can maintain Transport fee system exclusively.
You can send instant SMS about fee receipt. You can send SMS for due reminder.
You can also send fee receipt, due intimation slip as email format.