School clock is powerful, fast and useful timetabling software for automatic or interactive creation of timetable. It is designed exclusively for schools and colleges with great respect for their needs. This software can assure clash-free and error-free timetable and can relieve you of much of the hard manual work of timetabling, leaving you with more time to apply your skill and judgment where they are needed in order to produce a timetable of the highest quality.


Graphical user interface is more intuitive and user friendly
Very quick data entry 
Fast and efficient scheduling  without  clashes 
A recommended sequence is shown, but you can choose 
Easy to manipulate the timetable at any stage 
Individual' & 'master' printouts,
Provision for Combined Teachers, Combined Classes, Combined subjects
Same Period allotments for all the classes or some specific classes.
Uniform Class teacher's period allotments. E.g. Class teachers should be allotted in 1st period.
Conditional period allotments. E.g. Particular subject should be allotted in Particular period only.
Different Sets of Work Allotments E.g. Std 1 to 6 - 6 Periods Per Day & Std 7 to 10 - 8 Periods Per Day
Our users get GUARANTEED SUPPORT promptly and professionally without time limits