What is Vclass and Vmeet?


Vclass is interactive virtual class room intended to design to replace physical class for learning process

whereas Vmeet is video conference software and it is simplified and participant can attend meet without any signups


Where to buy subscription of Vclass?

User can evaluate the free version of Vclass. Any User can buy the subscription after registering with Vclass


What is unlimited user if the number of participants are maximum 4 in Video Conference in Basic version?


There is no restriction in number of users. For instance, you can enrol number of users and you can choose any four of them for Video Conference in Free version.


What is the speciality of Vclass in managing users?

You can enroll unlimited users and out of the enrolled users, you can pick any users for the video conference, online exam, or any other activity. Vclass will not charge for all the enrolled users and charges only for the number of participants you want in the video conference. You can conduct the conference for 4 participants for free. If more than 4 participants you have to use the paid version. Example- Enroll 100 users and pay only for 10 users and any 10 users of the 100 can be the participants in the video conference


What is Poll?


Teacher can ask questions (Poll) during explanation which helps to know how students are able to follow.


What is Poll Resource?


Poll questions can be prepared before and be stored as resource. Teacher can select the questions instantly to make use in Poll


What is Notify?


Student can notify his doubt to ensure that it should be cleared. Internal ticket number will be allotted for each notification. This is useful for management(admin),teacher and student as well.


What is Online Test?

Teacher can prepare the test to conduct online. Vclass supports equations, images and font formatting. Performance evaluation is simple and instant.